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Current Trends in Oncology Nursing

Nurses, in general, are often seen as the backbone of the healthcare team, and, as a profession, are consistently ranked as the most trusted. Oncology nurses, in particular, are benevolent, bright, and their voices are often heard by others working in the industry. Yet, challenges remain. To succeed in the current healthcare environment and into the future, nurses must be aware of the current trends in oncology nurses and how those relate to the safety, care, and outcomes of patients with cancer.

In her new book, Judith Payne details current trends in oncology nursing, while looking back at the history of the profession, and looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

The first book to identify and conceptualize significant trends in the care of patients with cancer, Current Trends in Oncology Nursing provides an overview and history of oncology nursing as well as an examination of the current trends in the profession.

Chapters delve into a broad range of oncology nursing issues – including such topics as advanced practice nursing in cancer care, modeling research for practice, theoretical frameworks and philosophies of care, oncology nursing leadership and healthcare policy, nursing in genetics, ethics, oncology community health, and primary care of the cancer survivor.

Whether you are just embarking on your career in oncology nursing or striving to become a leader in your field, you must add Current Trends in Oncology Nursing to your personal and professional reading list.

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